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  • Battery Connector SBE160A

Battery Connector SBE160A

  • Product Item : TT-SBE-006
  • Category:Battery Connector
  • Name:Battery connector
  • Rated Current:160A
  • Rated Voltage:600V
  • Product description:Forklift battery connector SBE160A Forklift charging plug,high current connector,battery plug
Forklift Charging Plug,High Current Connector,Battery Plug

Flexible Plugging
The non-slip design is added to the side of the connector, which can be quickly plugged
and inserted, optimizing the grip feeling, and ergonomic design

Color Matching
Use according to color difference to prevent different voltage plugs from docking,
safety hazards, and protect your safe use

Insulated Flame Retardant Housing
The shell is made of high-quality PC flame retardant material, which is safe, wear-resistant,
pressure-resistant, and can ensure the stability of use in complex environments
It is not easy to burn after fire, and it will be automatically extinguished after leaving the source

Conductive Terminals
Copper silver plating is adopted, copper soft and hard is moderate, easy to crimp, and the
surface silver plating has good conductivity.

Internal Shrapnel
It adopts thickened high-precision manganese steel vacuum quenching, elastic enough

Auxiliary Contacts
Provides up to 30A auxiliary contacts to control or sense additional contacts

Size and Specification

Anderson Forklift Battery Connector
Working temperature: -45°~75°
Fire rating: UL94V-0
Environmental standard: ROHS

Applicable Environment:






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