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Electric forklift sound abnormal causes and repair methods


   1. Fastener screws loose, body guide wheel and roller shaft bias grinding, the gap is too large.

   2. Chain and chain piece bushing damage gap is too large or fork upper and lower spike and fork frame beam gap is too large.

   3. Enquire whether the gap between the guide wheel, roller and gantry is too large. Fork and fork crossbeam cooperation gap is too large, all factors will lead to the use of electric forklift trucks in the use of sound abnormalities.

   4. Inquire whether the tyre screws are loose, whether the bearings are destroyed and so on.

   5. Forklift gear pumps appear abnormal, such as gas from the suction pipe or seal into the pump, suction pipe resistance is too large, or even part has been blocked. Gear pump precision is not high. The pump and the coupling are not the same axis. The solution is to add lubricant to the joints, if the noise reduces the leakage, torque the joints or directly replace the sealing ring; if there is no shift, then check the gear precision, research and adjustment, if necessary, replace the gear. Finally check the coaxiality of the pump and the coupling, pay attention to the difference between the running state and the stationary state, and make adjustments according to technical standards.

Forklift sound abnormal cause is very much, forklift maintenance workers should transfer the forklift to the car park facilities to carry out special investigation to open the search for the original cause, so as to deal with the cause of forklift sound abnormality from the source, in order to deal with the fault directly and conclusively.

Electric forklift working device and hydraulic system abnormalities and maintenance methods:

   1. The main reasons for shaking when lifting are: gas in the lifting cylinder, oil leakage in the hydraulic system, excessive damage to the inner gantry forklift size rollers and gantry bearings, and uneven tightening of the two lifting chains.

   2. Lifting rate is too slow or can not lift. The main reasons are, oil tank oil, oil filter blockage, safety valve failure, gear oil temperature is too high, gear oil is too thin, hydraulic pipeline oil leakage, hydraulic pump destruction and so on. The gantry is generally lowering the sound of the shock absorbing rubber is destroyed or aging and so on. Maintenance method is to first check the joints, components and gaskets and structure of the internal oil leakage, if any, it should be replaced; to the system deflation, if still can not be ruled out, it is necessary to overhaul the lifting of hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps and safety valves, up to the working condition, not required to repair or replacement.

   3. Lifting jumping, now lifting the gantry jumping condition. Fault phenomenon is lifting the hydraulic cylinder contains gas; gear pump characteristics of bad; forklift reversing valve action is not sensitive; oil is too dirty. Maintenance method to be the first to loosen the lifting hydraulic cylinder cylinder on the bleeder oil plug, the lifting cylinder air release; check the cleanliness of the fluid. If you still can not clear the jump, you should check the reversing valve and gear pump work, such as poor work, should be repaired or replaced.





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