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  • LED forklift golf power meter multi-function meter

LED forklift golf power meter multi-function meter

  • Product Item : TT-BI004
  • Category:Indicator
  • Name:Meter
  • Voltage:DC12V/24V 36V 48V/72V
  • Product description:LCD digital display meter 10 segment LED display forklift,golf cart, electric power meter multi-function instrument
【Scope of application】
Widely used in electric vehicles, sightseeing vehicles, golf carts, cleaning equipment, electric forklifts and other lead-acid battery equipment.

【Function Introduction】
**Power display: 10 LED lights show the current power 1 red, 2 yellow, 7 green
**Battery function
1>. Power-on detection function, automatic identification of the current voltage when powered on
2>. Delay display, when the battery capacity is subjected to huge power consumption, there will be a delay of 155S, to prevent the power meter power display from rising and falling too fast, so that users know the actual battery capacity.
3>. Drop step by step, the electricity meter only shows that the decline does not rise, only from full power to empty power, and will not increase the power in the middle of use

**Timekeeping function
1>. When a set of totals, the timing range is 0-99999H
2>. Timing accuracy 0-9999.9H is 0.1H 10000-99999H is 1H
3>. In total, it can be reset, the R pin is connected to the negative pole of the power supply, and the timing is cleared

**Installation diagram
1>. Put the product into the mounting slot and fix it through the bracket
2>. Installation panel size

**Product size

Product Name: Power Meter Combination Meter
Display mode: LED
Product size: 60*49mm
Working voltage: DC12/24V, 36V, 48/72V
Voltage accuracy: ±5%
Downlink delay: 155S
Charging delay: 200S
Timing range: 0-999999H
Timing accuracy: 0.1H
Mode class: IP65
Housing material: ABS
Packing size: 61*61*69mm
Packing method: white box packaging






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