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  • Construction Truck Hour Meter Excavator loader round hour meter

Construction Truck Hour Meter Excavator loader round hour meter

  • Product Item : TT-HM056AG
  • Category:Indicator
  • Name:Indicator
  • Voltage:5-277V
  • Product description:Construction Vehicle Hour Meter Excavator Loader Round Hour Meter Generator LCD Digital Display Industrial Timer
Lawn mower timer Motorcycle, go-kart, ATV, marine gasoline engine induction timer, built-in installation of waterproof timer

Timing function
**Total time: The total working time of the vehicle is recorded cumulatively, and the total working time cannot be cleared
**Timing range: 0-99999H
**Timing accuracy: 6 minutes of work, display 0.1
**Voltage range: AC/DC 5-277V 

Timing mode
**Gasoline induction timing: 5 turns around the induction wire around the spark plug to start timing while the engine is working.
**AC/DC power-on timing: the pin has no polarity, can be arbitrarily connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply, after detecting the voltage signal, the timer starts to count.

Suitable for multiple uses
**Gasoline induction timing and power-on timing two timing methods, can be used in a variety of equipment at the same time
**Wide voltage, can be used for different voltage equipment

Adaptable to multiple environments
** Epoxy resin sealed, waterproof grade IP68
**Can be used normally in harsh environments such as heavy rain.

The installation is firm and does not fall off easily
**Flush mounted, snap-on fastening to prevent falling off.

Data storage, not easy to lose
**Built-in chip to store data
** Automatic data storage when stop working, not easy to lose.

Complete accessories, reliable transportation
**Accessories: Induction cable*1 Cable tie*2 Instruction manual*1 Spring*2 Sheath*2
** White box packaging, with a lined box, not easy to break

Scope of application
Widely used in garden machinery, agricultural machinery, vehicle industry, ship industry, generator industry, construction machinery and other gasoline engine equipment

Product size

Product Name: Industrial Timer
Timing range: 0-99999H
Timing accuracy: 0.1H/H
Voltage range: AC/DC5-277V
Timing method: gasoline induction + ACDC
Display mode: LCD
Display size: 25*12.5mm
Product size: 58.4*58.4*37mm
Waterproof grade: IP68
Installation size: 37.5*24.5mm
Installation method: flush mounted
Battery type: CR2050
Housing material: ABS
Packing method: white box packaging
Packing size: 62*49*40mm






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