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  • Construction vehicle industrial timer

Construction vehicle industrial timer

  • Product Item : TT-HM005
  • Category:Indicator
  • Name:Circular digital display timer
  • Product description:Factory direct supply generator,engineering vehicle,industrial timer,bulldozer,lawn mower,hour meter,timer
【Scope of application】
Widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental protection equipment, generators, air compressors, pumps, driving, cranes, various types of equipment that can be powered on, used to record the cumulative working time of equipment

【Timing Function】
**After continuously detecting the voltage for 1S, the hourglass starts flashing and the timer starts to count
** When a set of totals, the timing range is 0-999999H, and can be cleared when totaling
**Timing accuracy, 0-99999.9H is 0.1H, 100000-999999H is 1H
**Timing method: ACDC power-on timing

【Reset Function】
**"C" and "-" are shorted and cleared when totaled

【Voltage Range】
**AC model, voltage range 86-230V
** DC version, voltage range is 4.5-90V
**Other voltages can be customized

【Other Parameters】
Product size (unit mm)
Installation diagram
Place the product in the mounting slot and secure it by bracket
Mounting panel size (in mm)
Wiring diagram (the positive and negative poles of the timer and the positive and negative poles of the power supply are connected, and the switch is connected to the positive terminal)

【Product Name】Circular digital display timer
【Product Model】TT-HM005
【Timing range】0-999999H
【Timing accuracy】0.1H
【Voltage range】AC86-230V, DC4.5-90V
【Product size】60*60*49mm
【Display size】25.4*7.7mm
【Polarity polarity】Positive electrode, negative electrode and reset foot C
【Mode grade】IP65
【Working temperature】-10°C-70°C
【Housing material】ABS
【Installation method】Embedded installation, bracket fixation
【Product weight】55g
【Packing method】White box packaging






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