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  • REMA Electric Forklift Battery Female Connector 320A 150V 95601-05

REMA Electric Forklift Battery Female Connector 320A 150V 95601-05

  • Product Item : TT-RE-014
  • Category:Battery Connector
  • Name:Battery connector
  • Rated current:320A
  • Rated voltage:150V
  • Part number:95601-05
  • Product description:Electric forklift spare parts connector male and female high-current industrial plug

REMA 80A/160A/320A lithium battery charging plug Battery charging plug

Product alias: Forklift charging connector
Protection class: IP23
Connection method: male and female butt
Product Model:
95199-00-Male 80A 150V
95342-01-Female 80A 150V
95039-01-Male 160A 150V
95012-01-Female 160A 150V
95500-01-Male 320A 150V
95601-05-Female 320A 150V

Product characteristics
Exquisite process design: we pay attention to every detail of quality, and each of our products is strictly screened and inspected.
Let customers buy with peace of mind, use with confidence.

Distinguish between male and female: the plug adopts a streamlined design shell, acid-proof, high-temperature resistant nylon plastic.
It consists of two main terminals and four auxiliary terminals.

Excellent conductivity: the plug shell adopts flame retardant material, stainless steel shrapnel design, and the terminal adopts copper
silver-plated material, which has better conductivity.

Product parameters
Color: Gray
Number of poles: 2
Rated current: 80A|160A|320A
Rated voltage: 150V
Contact material: copper silver plated
Insulator material: nylon plastic

Fire rating: UL94V-0






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